Tuesday, Nov. 19: Cruse Wine co. dinner

From our sommelier & wine director, Zach Jones:

Winemaking - both as agricultural practice and the alchemy of fermentation - has always stood at the intersection of rigid tradition and innovation. Some styles and methods are centuries old, while other techniques have rapidly advanced with the speed of modernization. It would seem no coincidence then, that a trained chemist with a fervently creative mind like Michael Cruse would wind up at the vanguard of new American winemaking.

Named the 2016 Winemaker of the Year by the San Francisco Chronicle, Michael has firmly established himself as one of the top sparkling winemakers in California. Cruse Wine Co.'s outstanding Traditional Method and Petillant Naturel wines are crafted with a near dogmatic adherence to tradition. Every bottle is hand-racked, hand-riddled and meticulously disgorged without the use of gyropalates or modern machinery.

Then we come to his adventurous reds, which employ progressively modern technique to explore unheralded varietals brought over by early immigrants to California such as Valdigue, Tannat and Carignan. Within Michael's prolific output you can taste an expression of the past as well as a full embrace of the future.



Five courses from Chefs Erling Wu-Bower, Ben Truesdell and Pastry Chef Natalie Saben
Wine pairings from Wine Director Zach Jones

1 | 2018 Sparkling St. Laurent
oyster, satsuma

2 | 2018 Sparkling Valdiguie
brussels sprouts & apple salad

3 | 2017 Tannat
quail & chorizo

4 | 2017 Monkey Jacket
oxtail & spinach pasta

5 | 2017 Valdiguie
figs, chocolate, hazelnut

- $149 (inclusive of dinner, wine, tax and gratuity) -

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