March 26: Pok pok takeover

Pok Pok

Join us for dinner on March 26 for the next installment of our Guest Chef series. We're welcoming our friend Andy Ricker, James Beard Award-winning Chef/Owner of Pok Pok Restaurants, bestselling cookbook author and serious expert on all things Thai food.



collaboration between Chefs Andy Ricker & Erling Wu-Bower

Thua Thawt Samun Phrai (herbal roasted spicy peanuts)

Northern Thai Naam Phrik Platter:
Tam Khanun (jackfruit salad), Naam Phrik Num (green chile naam phrik),
Naam Phrik Kha (galangal/chile dip)
served with steamed vegetables (pumpkin, cabbage, okra, baby eggplant, yu choy), Sai Ua (Chiang Mai Pork Sausage) and pork cracklings

Kaeng Hung Leh - burmese style pork belly curry
Het Paa Naam Tok - forest mushroom salad with dry chile and lime
Laap Plaa Meuang - minced fish laap with northern spices served with fresh herbs

Khao Niaw Sangkhaya Thurian - sweet sticky rice with Pandan-Durian scented custard with salty coconut cream

Reservations available from 5:00-8:45pm

- $85 per guest for dinner (includes tax & gratuity) -
beverages will be sold separately upon arrival